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Tribute to Hermiller and Krieger

-By Richard Recker

This tribute is not to return the sad memories of the dear ones of the departed but it is to give honor to all men throughout the world who gave the supreme sacrifice in their effort to protect their fellow men.

                The monument erected in memory of Joseph Hermiller, Jr., age 22, and John Krieger, age 33, is only a temporary marker in the matter of years and centuries but it stands as a tribute to all firemen who so willingly and unselfishly give whatever is necessary for the protection of their communities.

                It was on the 4th day of January in the year of 1911 that Joseph Hermiller and John Krieger who were faithful attenders of the meetings of the Ottawa Fire Department, attended their last meeting.  They were never again to answer “Yea” to their names except to the roll call of judgment.  They were called to duty to battle a fire on the early morning of January 6, 1911, at a blacksmith shop adjoining the old armory.  Both men were killed instantly when they received a charge of electricity. 

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